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Now, get everything you need to Clean, Restore and Protect your valuable Outdoor Patio Furniture in one kit. 303 has assembled this sampler kit for people who are serious about protecting their investments. Includes 2oz. bottles of each of: - 303 Patio Furniture Cleaner - 303 Patio Furniture Protectant - 303 Fabric Cleaner - 303 High Tech Fabric Guard

Patio Furniture Cleaner Safely soaks in and lifts up soils and stains so they can be wiped or rinsed away. It is particularly effective on leaf stains, bird droppings, tree sap, berry juice, wine, barbecue smoke, oil and grease. Full strength or diluted with water, this product is safe to use on any water-safe surface. Using warm water, allowing to penetrate and extra agitation will increase the cleaning action.

Fabric Cleaner This product contains no soaps, detergents or solvents. 303 Fabric Cleaner is your BEST choice for cleaning indoor and outdoor fabrics, upholstery and carpeting. Non-toxic, biodegradable and rinses residue free.

Patio Furniture Protectant Provides powerful UV screening protection and leaves an enduring repellent finish that rejects soiling, sweat, body oils and atmospheric contaminants. 303 Patio Furniture Protectant is safe and effective on teak and all plastics, polyethylene, vinyl and clear vinyl, fiberglass, epoxy and other composite resins, powder-coated metal and stainless steel.

High Tech Fabric Guard Powerful enough to protect fabrics in the harshest environment ...outdoors. Yet 303 High Tech Fabric Guard is safe for the finest fabrics, wool, silk, and fine leathers - including suede. Restores lost water repellency and stain repellency to factory new levels. Treating fabrics helps resist soiling, impedes mildew formation and protects against the sun's harmful UV rays. Proper maintenance with 303 Products will add to the life of your fabrics, save you money, and ... It's Easy!

Product Disclaimer

Fabric and Button Color quality depends on your monitor or screen settings. We are unable to accept returns on any items due to color or pattern dislike. We make every effort to allow customers the ability to view fabrics prior to purchase. Fabric samples are available upon request prior to purchasing. It is recommended that you request fabric samples before ordering. Order fabric samples prior to cushion purchase. Read full Return and Warranty Statement


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