How To Measure

Cushion Type
Hinge Cushion

When measuring a hinged cushion, it is important to make sure you are getting the correct back height as well as seat depth.

  1. Measure from the top of the cushion to the hinge point to obtain back height.
  2. Measure from the hinge point to the front edge of the cushion to obtain correct seat depth.
  3. The width of the cushion is obtained by measuring from seam to seam.

Back height + Seat depth = Total cushion length

*Cushion thickness varies on type of furniture as well as personal preference

Important Tips
  • Measure your existing furniture. When measuring your outdoor furniture, try to imagine the cushion in place if no cushion is available. Old cushions tend to spread out over time and may not provide you with accurate measurements.
  • When measuring existing cushions, DO NOT smash the cushion down while measuring
  • For most accurate results use a firm tape measure rather than a flexible measuring tape
  • Back and seat measurements are very important as this will tell you where the break in the cushion will be