Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between the different grades?

Our fabrics are placed into categories based on the type of weave, fibers used, UV protectant and cost of each fabric. Navigate to our Fabrics Facts page to view descriptions of our different fabrics.

What is the difference between each type of fabric?

Each fabric is different in its construction and finish. Navigate to our Fabrics Facts page, found at the bottom of our website, to see a detailed description of each.

How do I request fabric samples?

Navigate to our Fabric Samples page by clicking on the Fabric Sample tab. Once you see the fabrics you can then select each fabric sample you wish to order by clicking on the circle underneath each image. Sample orders are processed and mailed out within 1-2 business days. Samples are shipped via USPS and normally received within a week.

I have received my samples, but the one that I wanted is no longer on the website ... what happened to it?

Unfortunately, if the fabric is not showing up on the website, it is currently out of stock or has been discontinued. To view available fabrics, navigate to our Fabric Sample page.

The fabric doesn't match the one that I see on the website, what is wrong?

Because all phone, tablet and computer screen settings are different, you may not be seeing the true colors of the fabrics. We offer Fabric Samples so that you can see and feel the fabrics to know exactly what you’ll going to be getting prior to ordering. Because all items are custom made, we do not accept returns or exchanges.

Do you have any more fabrics other than listed on the site?

No... all the fabrics we offer and have in stock are listed on our website. To view available fabrics, navigate to our Fabric Sample page.

What type of care is needed for the fabrics?

Each fabric has special cleaning instructions. Navigate to our Fabric Facts page for detailed information on the fabrics.


Do you have anything that will fit my furniture?

In order to answer that question, we need to know the measurements of your furniture and/or your cushion. After obtaining your measurements, you can search our web site for the size you need. If you do not see the size or style you need, please contact us at and we will assist you.

What is the most effective way to get and read measurements?

Navigate to our How to Measure page (found at the bottom of our website) for more information. When obtaining your measurements, please be certain that the cushions match the measurements you submit to us. Take all the steps needed to be sure of your decision. We measure width x height of back/ depth of seat x thickness.

Are the cushions waterproof?

Our cushions are water resistant but not waterproof. The fabrics placed on the cushions are water resistant, but not fully waterproof. If your cushions do get wet, turn them on their sides as the water will tend to run out quicker and allow air to pass through them resulting in faster drying times. Because our cushions are designed for outdoor use, they do dry quickly. Do not place them in a dryer.

Do the cushions have zippers so that the covers can be taken off and washed?

No, our items do not have zippers as we do not warrant any damaged caused from washing machines, dryers or detergents. Washing and drying can cause your covers to shrink and/or fall apart, and many detergents have chemicals that can harm the outdoor fabrics. We recommend spot cleaning them with a mild soap and water.

Is the fill used in the cushions made for outdoor use?

Yes, the fill is made for outdoor use.

Are the buttons on your cushions covered in fabric?

We offer fabric-covered buttons, as well as other materials. Our item descriptions provide you with the type of buttons each item has. Customers have the option to choose the color of the plastic buttons they would like on their cushions.

If my cushions get dirty, what should I do to clean them?

To clean your cushions, use a mild soap and water and gently scrub them using a non-abrasive cloth or brush. When finished scrubbing you can hose them off and tip them up too dry. Navigate to our fabrics facts page for more information on cleaning your cushions.

The item I want comes with ties and buttons, can I get it without them?

If you wish to have a cushion without ties or buttons, you can request a Custom Cushion quote.

If I tell you what kind of furniture that I have, could you tell me what kind of cushions I need?

Unfortunately, the only way to help you find cushions is by knowing the measurements. Please measure your existing furniture or cushions and contact us at for additional assistance.

Can I send my old cushions in to get new covers made?

We only manufacture complete replacement cushions with the fill inside, not just covers.

What is the difference between Boxed Edge, French Edge and Knife Edge?

The biggest difference is the way the cushion is sewn and the finished look.


Can I get an umbrella to match my cushion fabric?

Yes, you can select from the same selection of outdoor fabrics for your umbrella as for your cushion.

How is the quality on your umbrellas?

The quality of all of our umbrellas is much higher than those that can be purchased through mass merchants.

What is the diameter of the umbrella pole?

Every pole that we carry is the standard size of 1.5” diameter.

Can I purchase just the fabric canopy for the umbrella?

No, because there is no way to ensure that the 'skin' will fit due to variations in the shape, size, and number of ribs of any umbrella.

Receiving / Placing your Order

I’m trying to view my cart and I do not see the fabric choice. How do I view my fabric selections before I submit my order?

When you click on your cart (found at the top right corner of the website), you are given the option to “View Cart” or “Checkout”. Click on “View Cart” to view your order. You should see the style, size, quantity, image and part # of the fabric you have selected and price of each item you wish to order.

I am having difficulty placing my order online. Can you help?

When placing your order, it is important to make sure you have selected the size and fabric you wish to have the item made in. The website will not allow you to add to cart until all selections have been made.

First you want to open the item you wish to order so that you can see the available sizes. Then click on the circle next to the size needed. Now you need to scroll down and select the fabric. To select the fabric, click the circle found underneath the fabric image. It is important to Select your fabric after clicking on the image. After both the size and fabric have been selected the “QTY” box will appear between the sizes and fabrics. You can now “Add to Shopping Cart”.

I can't adjust the number of cushions I want to order. The cart shows 7 cushions and I only want to order 2. How do I correct the quantity?

You can make changes to the size and/or quantity of items placed in shopping cart. Be sure to click “Recalculate” in the cart so that any change made is applied.

If I placed an order right now, how long would it take to receive it?

Here at Summer Living Direct each item is made to order (custom made). It takes 5-7 business days to make the standard sizes you see on our web site and then they are shipped from Indiana.

Custom sized orders that are requested must first go to a programmer to be created. These orders can take 6-8 weeks to be received.

Do you have any cushions or umbrellas in stock?

We do not have any stock cushions as all cushions are made to order.

We do offer Stock Colored Umbrellas as well as Choose Your Fabric Umbrellas.

Most items on your order will have to be hand-made which consists of measuring, cutting material, sewing, filling, and then packaging.

How do I determine shipping costs?

Shipping Costs

17% + $9.95 of Product Total

I have a Free Shipping Code but cannot find where to enter it?

We do not have any coupons or codes available. Any coupon and/or code that is found online is not valid as they are not offered by Summer Living Direct. Any and All sales offered by us will be found directly on our website and orders will automatically be discounted at time of checkout during any sales event.

It has been well over the due date, where is my order?

Customers are notified of any situations that may cause a delay promptly through email or phone. If you have not received notice that there is a delay with your order, please Contact Us via email or phone to request the statues of your order. Please provide us with your name, order number, a good call back number, the reason for your call and we will get back with you as soon as we can.

I have tried to place the order, but I don't think that it went through. What should I do?

When your order is submitted, you should immediately receive an email order confirmation. If you did not receive an email confirmation, please check your junk/spam folder. If you still do not see your order confirmation, please Contact Us as there may be a typo in the email address provided.

While reviewing my order confirmation email, I noticed the wrong fabric is listed, what do I do?

We ask all customers to review their order confirmation emails as soon as possible. If you see any error in cushion size, fabric choice, email address, physical address, etc. Simply reply to your order confirmation email or Contact Us to notify us of the error. As long as you contact us before the order is entered into production, we will be able to help get the mistake corrected. Once orders are processed for production and the fabric has been cut, we cannot stop or make any corrections to the order.

Do you ship to Canada?

No, we do not ship outside the US. To complete and ship an order to Canada, you would need to provide us with a freight forwarder within the US that your order could be shipped to.


What information should I provide when calling?

Please provide the following information: your full name, order number, a good call back number and a brief message when calling or emailing us. It is helpful when leaving a voicemail to talk clearly and slowly so that your call back number can be obtained correctly.

I don't want to wait for someone to call me back, what should I do?

You can send us an email by replying to your order confirmation email or you can use our Contact Us form to send us any questions or concerns. All calls and emails are answered within 24 hours on Monday-Friday, 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM EST.

What is the best time to call?

Although the site is open 24 hours a day, our customer service is available to answer calls and respond to emails Monday-Friday, 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM EST.


There is something wrong with the order I received, what should I do?

At, our policy is to provide you with quality products and a convenient service. If your order is damaged, we will fix the problem. If there is a problem with your order, Contact Us via email or phone as soon as possible providing your name, order number, items ordered, pictures of items received, and a detailed description of the problem. This information will help aid us in getting the issues corrected as quickly as possible.

It is best to send us an email by replying to your order confirmation email. You can attach photos and email a description of the problem along with a copy of your order this way.

I am having difficulties on the website, what should I do?

Navigate to our Contact Us form or call us so we can help walk you through the online ordering process.

I accidentally ordered the wrong item, can I return or exchange it for the right size?

As stated in our Returns & Warranty section each product is custom made and all orders placed are final. Items will be made exactly as requested (according to the email confirmation that you receive).

We cannot take returns for cushions that do not fit, unless it is a mistake on our end. Cushions are custom made, and it is not possible to accept returns for this reason. Cushions are made within a half inch. Please be certain that the cushions you are ordering will fit your furniture.

We are unable to accept returns on any items due to color or pattern dislike. We make every effort to allow customers the ability to view fabrics prior to purchase.

How do I cancel my order?

Per our Returns & Warranty section orders cannot be cancelled once entered for production. If you need to cancel it is important that you Contact Us immediately. Once items are entered for production there is no way to stop the order.

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